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Compassionate & Professional 

Mental Health Counseling Services

Serving Ionia, MI, and beyond with the highest level of mental health care for over a decade.

Viewpointe Counseling Building!

Whether you need help healing from loss, dealing with trauma, treating anxiety or depression, overcoming addiction, managing anger, or repairing a relationship, Viewpointe is here for you. With expertise in a diverse range of specialties and populations, our licensed therapists help our clients thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually throughout their lifespan.

The Viewpointe Counseling Building houses individual clinicians who provide mental health
therapy and specialties. This allows each clinician to hold their own private practice
within the building. The separate businesses that are currently practicing within the
Viewpointe Building can be located under the “Meet Our Team” section.

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Our Goal

To provide outpatient services in a safe and relaxing setting where all clients are treated with dignity and respect.

Our Values...


Our services are confidential and open to everyone. We strive to provide a calm, relaxed atmosphere where our clients can feel at ease.


Many of our providers use a strengths-based approach, focusing on the positive attributes each client brings to the table.


We listen to our clients’ needs and offer professional recommendations to help them meet their mental health goals.


Who We Serve

Our services are open to individuals, couples, families, groups, teams and organizations, and schools. Viewpointe’s team of licensed therapists is experienced in assisting clients of all ages, from infants to adults. We welcome and value people of all backgrounds at our counseling center.

Child Psychologist
Mental Health Service Center
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What to Expect

Before Your First Appointment

Before you arrive for your first appointment, we ask that you fill out our registration paperwork online. If you need assistance completing the form or prefer to fill out a paper copy, please talk to our receptionist about coming in early for your first appointment.

 Finding Our Building

We are easy to find on the corner of 66 and Swartz Court in Ionia. We sit off the main road and operate out of a privately-owned building with plenty of parking. At the front of our building, you will notice two doors. One is an exit only, and the other leads to our waiting room. Our building is handicap accessible, and we strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere with comfortable furnishings where you can feel welcomed and safe.

When You Arrive

When our friendly receptionist is at the desk, you'll be greeted with a welcome as you enter. If your registration forms are already completed, there's no need to do anything, as your therapist will be expecting you. However, if you prefer to let your therapist know you're here, there's a phone located in the waiting room you can easily use to alert your therapist. Access to the therapy offices and restrooms is beyond a locked door.

If the receptionist is not available to let you into the restroom, you can lightly knock on the door and a therapist will let you in. When it's time for your appointment your therapist will come and get you.

After Your Appointment

When it's time to leave, you may exit through our exit-only door so there's no need to go back out through the waiting room. Between appointments, you can leave messages directly for your therapist or for the receptionist. Both will try to get back to you within one business day. Our receptionist works part-time, so please refer to our receptionist hours for the best times to call.

Attentive Therapist
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